Laser Application Laboratory
Our lab carries out the research on laser application engineering, laser material processing, and precision welding process. We have the laser-related equipments such as a Nd:Yag laser, other optical devices, and welding equipments. SEM, TEM, AFM can be also applied for our research purposes (micro/nano fabrication or machining).
Now, Our lab is seeking for new students (undergraduate students and graduate students for the Laser engineering projects (laser nano fabrication)). Please contact the professor with an e-mail. Thanks.
Research Topics
WonSeok Choi, Jong Hyeong Kim, Joohan Kim, Thermal cleavage on glass by a laser-induced plume, Optics and Lasers in Engineering, 53, 2014, pp 60-68
Ceramic to metal joining by using 1064 nm pulsed and CW laser energy source, Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, 27 (9), 2013, pp. 2823~2827.
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